Billiards Championship records



I have created the below table of information to put into context some of the players that we talk about throughout the web-site.

Throughout this era the Snooker championship was played for and won from 1927 onwards by Joe Davis. His chief rivals were his brother Fred, Tom Newman and Willie Smith.

Another cue man that rates a mention is Tom Dennis who competed more than once against Joe Davis and made a reasonable account of the contest.

Horace Lindrum had a good battle with Joe Davis in 1940 and so must have been quite a player as well. In fact Horace Lindrum made a 137 break in 1937, which was quite an achievement at the time due to the tight pockets and composition balls of the time. Joe Davis made the 147 break in 1955 incidentally.

In 1934 Joe Davis defeated Tom Newman by 25 frames to 23 for the world Snooker championship which shows that Tom could certainly hold a cue, so to speak. 

Sidney Smith made a total clearance in the early to mid 1930s as well, proving that on his day, he could be a force to be reckoned with.

Joe himself must have been a tremendous competitor, beating off this group of up and coming players for twenty years, he must have been an immensely determined character to also beat his brother Fred 37 frames to 36 in 1940. 

The only two people that have ever held the Snooker and Billiards world titles in their careers to this date are Joe and Fred Davis.

If you get the chance take a look at the footage of Joe Davis making a century break, what struck me about this film was Joe’s speed around the table and the certainty with which he played the game.

I hope that these talking points are useful and that the information included provides useful reference.

David Smith
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Billiards Championship records

DateWinnerRunner Up
1870 FebWilliam CookJohn Roberts Senior
1870 AprJohn Roberts JuniorWilliam Cook
1870 JunJohn Roberts JuniorA Bowles
1870 NovJoseph BennettJohn Roberts Junior
1871 JanJohn Roberts JuniorJoseph Bennett
1871 MayWilliam CookJohn Roberts Junior
1871 NovWilliam CookJoseph Bennett
1871 MarWilliam CookJohn Roberts Junior
1874 FebWilliam CookJohn Roberts Junior
1875 MayJohn Roberts JuniorWilliam Cook
1875 DecJohn Roberts JuniorWilliam Cook
1877 MayJohn Roberts JuniorWilliam Cook
1880 MayJoseph BennettWilliam Cook
1881 JanJoseph BennettTom Taylor
1885 AprJohn Roberts JuniorWilliam Cook
1885 JunJohn Roberts Junior Joseph Bennett
1889Charles DawsonJ North
1900Charles DawsonH W Stevenson
1901H W StevensonCharles Dawson
1901Charles DawsonH W Stevenson
1901H W StevensonCharles Dawson
1901H W Stevenson
declared champion
1903Charles DawsonH W Stevenson
1908Melbourne Inman
declared champion
1908Melbourne Inman A F Williams
1908H W Stevenson
declared champion
1910H W StevensonMelbourne Inman
1911H W StevensonMelbourne Inman
1912Melbourne InmanTom Reece
1913Melbourne InmanTom Reece
1914Melbourne InmanTom Reece
1919Melbourne InmanH W Stevenson
1920Willie SmithClaude Falkiner
1921Tom NewmanTom Reece
1922Tom NewmanClaude Falkiner
1923Willie SmithTom Newman
1924Tom NewmanTom Reece
1925Tom NewmanTom Reece
1926Tom NewmanJoe Davis
1927Tom NewmanJoe Davis
1928Joe DavisTom Newman
1929Joe DavisTom Newman
1930Joe DavisTom Newman
1932Joe DavisClark McConachy
1933Walter LindrumJoe Davis
1934Walter LindrumJoe Davis
Billiards Championship records