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Two Cannon Match cues; Weilding Peradon.

In this video, David Smith, Cues n Views explores the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of the Cannon Match cues.

These cues, often made under the Canon or Wielding brand, showcase unique features such as dark facing splices and original fibre ferrules. The cues come in various materials, with the maple and ash examples being highlighted. Their classic charm and historical significance make them highly sought after by collectors and players alike.

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The Classic Beauty of the Cannon Match Cues

If you’re a cue sports enthusiast, you likely understand the allure of vintage cues with their unique designs and historical significance. Today, we’ll delve into the world of the Cannon Match cue, exploring their remarkable craftsmanship and the distinct features that make them highly sought after by players and collectors alike.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

As we take a closer look at the first Cannon Match cue, it becomes evident that this particular cue features an additional retailer’s plaque, which was not uncommon for cues manufactured under the Cannon brand. However, some of these cues were also produced under the Wielding brand. The cue in question appears to be a later model, showcased in impeccable condition.

Unveiling the Unique Facets

One striking feature of this Canon Match cue is the unusually dark facing splices, a characteristic that is often seen in burr cues. Especially the early burr cues were revered for their exceptional beauty and exquisite playability. While this particular cue is not made of burr wood, it still boasts a striking appearance, showcasing the quintessential hand-spliced craftsmanship. Notably, the billiard ball motif, typically adorned in red, further adds to the cues classic charm.

The Fascinating Fibre Ferrule

One remarkable aspect of this cue, often seen in both Cannon and other renowned brands of that era, is the original fibre ferrule that remains intact. The ferrule affectionately referred to as the “red brick” ferrule adds to the authenticity of the cue, making it a truly exceptional find for collectors and players alike,.

A Glimpse at Maple Brilliance

The Cannon Match cue is traditionally found in a variety of materials, with hornbeam being a popular choice. However, this example is made from maple, exuding a distinctive, yellowish pea-green colour that is rarely seen in modern cues. The craftsmanship and shine of the lacquer on this cue have stood the test of time, leaving it in outstanding condition.

The Allure of Ash

As we explore another Canon Match cue, we encounter the beauty of ash wood. Unlike the previous cue, this one features a fibre ferrule with a biscuity grayish hue. Its immaculate preservation highlights the care and appreciation of its previous owners throughout the years.

A Legacy Worth Preserving

In a world where modern cues dominate the market, the Cannon Match cue reminds us of the elegance and artistry that once graced the game. Preserving these treasures ensures that the legacy of skilled cue makers and the golden era of billiards remains alive and cherished by future generations of players and enthusiasts alike.

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