Cues n Views is about saving old cues for future generations to enjoy and a service that aims to inform those of you that are interested in old cues about their history, their design peculiarities and their current market value as a collector’s item or for insurance purposes.

David Smith
Cues n Views 

  • How I Started

    How I Started

    More Views: I first started collecting Billiards and Snooker memorabilia in 1986 as a result of the reprinting of a book that I had only previously been able to read if I borrowed it from the Public Library. This book…

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  • Themed Collecting – Tom Newman

    Themed Collecting – Tom Newman

    More Cues: I became interested in collecting items relating to Tom Newman after getting hold of a Tom Newman facsimile cue made around 1930 by the company that I like to call Peradon/Thurston Limited. This cue is an excellent player…

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  • Colecting Cues

    Colecting Cues

    More Cues: Colecting: Cues Collecting cues is to me a very interesting pastime; I have met many interesting people. When I first started, I didn’t realise that it was even possible to get a hold of cues as old as…

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  • Selection of Old Cues

    Selection of Old Cues

    Collecting: Selection of Old Cues I have included this illustration to show the differences between, machine spliced cues and hand spliced cues, along with the variety of inlays, veneers and badges that cues used to carry. These cues used to…

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  • Commemorative Cues

    Commemorative Cues

    More Cues: Players from older era’s that you might still be able to find cues that commemorate them and their achievements include. John Roberts, William Cook, Cecil Harverson, John Roberts Junior, Charles Dawson, Joseph Bennett, W M Green, H W…

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  • Collecting – Balls

    Collecting – Balls

    Balls! We collectors are a weird breed you know, I have even gathered together a small collection of balls. I have: These various sets of balls all play differently, the Ivories make a much sharper clicking sound when they collide…

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  • Temptation to Sell

    Temptation to Sell

    More Cues: The down side of owning a rare billiard or snooker cue is that the temptation to sell it can come upon you quite suddenly and after selling the feeling of loss can be quite long lasting. From time…

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  • Themed Collecting – W J Peall

    More Cues: W J Peall was a Billiards player who played at the higher levels of the game from about 1885 until 1920 his chief scoring method was the so called spot stroke. The spot stroke involved repeatedly potting the…

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  • Peradon Limited

    Peradon Limited

    I have now completed my research about the makers Peradon, looking back at the cues in my collection. It seems that Peradon were a truly major maker of cues from 1885 and remain so today. If you see an old…

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  • Future Collectibles

    Future Collectibles

    More Cues: To start a worthwhile cue collection is not as difficult as you might think. Some of the more modern cues are quite attractive and will no doubt appreciate in value over the coming years. If you set a…

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  • Norman Clare and Roger Lee

    Norman Clare gathered together a wonderful collection of Snooker and Billiards memorabilia that is kept at the Liverpool offices of Thurston. Amongst this collection is a group of cues that span the later years of the 19th century and the first…

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  • Interactive Museum

    Interactive Museum One of the main aims in creating this site is to give some of snookers newer supporters the opportunity to get to grips with the history of the sport and also to get a quick insight into the…

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  • The Essential Cue Collection

    The Essential Cue Collection

    More Cues: Slightly for fun and as a guide to new collectors, we have put together a list of the cues that might make up the ideal cue collection. As you know we specialise in the era from 1880 to…

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  • Picture and Signature cues

    More Views: Picture and signature cues, can they make a comeback? I am often disappointed with the badges that are used on modern cues, little round discs are obviously more than adequate to let the buyer know who made the…

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  • My Peradon Cues

    More Peradon: You may be interested in knowing which cues I have in my collection that were actually made by Peradon Limited. Many people are confused by this matter and have e-mailed Cues n Views seeking further clarification. The list…

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  • Cues I Rarely Mention

    Cues I Rarely Mention

    In compiling this site, I have tried to appeal to the majority of people with an interest in Snooker and Billiards. This approach has proven successful, judging from the number of hits that we receive and indeed the amount of…

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  • Travelling for a Purchase

    Travelling for a Purchase

    More Cues: I recently embarked on a trip to Mansfield to look for a Read’s Champion cue and came back with an early machine spliced Horace Lindrum Picture badged cue as well. Buying, selling and swapping cues can be a…

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  • The Flowing Scotsman

    The Flowing Scotsman

    From a cue collecting point of view Walter Donaldson is something of a disappointment, you see there is, to my knowledge, only one type of cue that bears his name.

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  • Joe Davis Cues

    There are so many Variants of the Joe Davis cue that I could create a whole web site about them. Having said that I will try to give you a flavour of what to look out for. Joe was such an…

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  • Buying an old cue

    If you are buying a cue to use as your own ‘playing cue’, the decision is quite a simple one, however if you are buying a cue in the hope that it will one day appreciate in value, the decision…

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