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Billiards & Snooker Exchange

Do you have any unwanted items
of Snooker or Billiards memorabilia?

I collect Billiards and Snooker Memorabilia

Cues, Books, Cigarette Cards,
Old Ivory Balls etc.

I am particularly interested in pre 1950 items.

I would like any interesting items concerning Tom Newman.

If you have items for sale or would like to offer a swap, please feel free to make an offer.

Let me have the information about what you have and what you want and I will pass the information on to my network of people looking out for similar items, to either swap or perhaps even buy.

In the past I have managed to track down
items such as:

  • A Burwat Champion Cue
  • A rare book by F H Ayers
  • A Tom Newman Champion Cue
  • A Framed Photograph of Joseph Bennett
  • A Snooker ball basket
  • A Joe Davis Cigarette Card

And many other such items. Sometimes the wait is long but we usually get there in the end.

I specialise in cues but will try anything relating to the sport that you may require.

This is a hobby to me, the satisfaction will come from helping people to find what they want for their collections. I only wish to make enough money to cover postage and any other expenses incurred.

Some items such as full sized tables are too expensive for me to get hold of, as are some of the more collectable scoreboards, but I have often assisted people who wish to acquire some of the less expensive items.

Perhaps I should be more explicit; I collect old billiards and snooker cues as well as other items that take my fancy.

I have most of the cues that I want so am offering a kind of matching service to you as readers of this site.

I don’t want to make a profit but would take great pleasure in helping you to find what you want.

I also collect books and here again, have mostly what I want, in point of fact I believe that I have the books that I can realistically afford, however I have a network of friends who have items that they consider surplus due to duplication that they might consider passing on should the right circumstances present themselves.

If you have items for sale or are looking for something please let me know I’ll do what I can to help you out.

All that I would ask is the cost of postage.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail, if you have any queries concerning old cues and we will do our best to answer them.

We may be able to offer coaching support as we have just appointed
John Ingleby as consultant coach in an advisory capacity.

David Smith
Billiards and Snooker collector

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail, if you have any queries concerning old cues.