Collecting Cigarette Cards



I am just starting to learn a little something about the very interesting subject of Cigarette Card collecting, this subject is new to me as I have devoted the last few years to collecting Cues and Books almost exclusively.

Some of the cards available are very attractive and colourful and give a contemporary glimpse into the life and times of professional sportsmen as they were making their great achievements before many of us were born.

Often the text on the reverse of each card states what a given player has achieved and was printed quite soon after the events depicted on the card itself. This somehow brings this particular achievement to life in a way that books and historical discussions cannot.

I plan to seek out many such items for myself and with my fresh perspective I hope to enthuse those of you who have never thought about collecting other Snooker and Billiards related collectable items so watch this space for future developments. 

For a more expert and detailed contribution, look out for the forthcoming contributions from Mike Young and Andy Dankevits.

David Smith

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© Copyright December 2001 David Smith