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Those of you that have followed the development of the Cues n Views web site since the beginning have probably wondered, from time to time, what the heck is this site really about?

Cues n Views is about saving old cues for future generations to enjoy and a service that aims to inform those of you that are interested in old cues about their history, their design peculiarities and their current market value as a collector’s item or for insurance purposes.

I no longer consider my collection as simply my own, the Cues n Views collection has gained an identity of its own.

At one time, I would never have purchase over 20 machine-spliced cues, nor would I have begun seeking badges that have become detached from the cue they were intended to remain affixed to in the hope of preserving them as well as other cues. And yet that is exactly what I am now trying to do.

If you have any badges or plates that originally belonged to an old cue or perhaps you know where the damaged, beyond repair butt of an old cue is lying around, unwanted. Please send me the badge for the archive that I am creating.

To my mind, these badges on their own have little or no intrinsic value but as a record they can inform people what a wide range of different badges did in fact exist in years gone by.

It upsets me to think that many of these badges end up in the dustbin when a cue is damaged and so are lost forever. I remember a friend of mine demonstrating how flexible the shaft of his Joe Davis machine-spliced cue was by bending it on the surface of the Billiard table, unfortunately one time the shaft shattered, despite my warnings he had indulged in his party piece once too often. The only good thing was that he later gave me the badge from the cue and I have saved it to this day.

I intend to create a feature on these badges when I have sufficient numbers to make it worthwhile, please send your badges with the story of how they became separated from their original cue to 

Cues n Views
490 Manchester Road
Brierley Wood

Please note that this address is our editorial premises and does not contain the Cues n Views collection. I do not intend to sell any of the items that you donate and in due course wish to create a Cues n Views archive dedicated to cues that will be an accompaniment to the Cues n Views web site.

Please do not remove badges from cues that are still in use, only those that are destined to be disposed of, thank you.

David Smith

© Copyright October 2003/August 2005 David Smith