David Thomas Lyttleton

This is a series of articles looking at some of the less common areas of Billiard and Snooker collecting. Future articles will cover such subjects as table irons and brushes, cue tippers and cutters, rests, balls, trophies and medals. David Thomas Lyttleton is an avid collector of many of the items that you will see referred to in these articles, so look forward to sharing his experiences.

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Cue Racks and Stands – If you look in the background of many of the photographs of the leading players of the late 19th and early 20th century, you will often see furniture like nothing available today.

Table Irons – It is not clear as to when the habit of ironing the cloth first started, but the use of the iron is documented in many books of the latter part of the eighteen hundreds. I think it is safe to assume that once cloth was introduced to the bed of the table it would need to be ironed to keep it as flat and smooth as possible.

Make Your Top Ten Choice – I have been asked on a few occasions by fellow collectors which is my favourite cue, a question to which I have never been able to give a straight answer.

Where are they? – While sifting through the sports section in my local bookshop the other day it struck me how obvious it was that there is a total lack of books on Snooker. No biographies, no ‘how to play’ books, not even a hilarious collection of Snooker anecdotes!