Farewell Leicester Square

Farewell Leicester Square
World Championship Snooker 1927 – 1977

I bought this audiobook tape during the World Championships from David Johnston Allen’s stall at The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

It covers the story of snooker’s early days with the following narrators:

  • Fred Davis – former World Professional Snooker Champion and World Professional Billiards Champion
  • Bruce Donkin – referee at Leicester Square Hall and first referee of ‘Pot Black’
  • Clive Everton – snooker correspondent, historian and TV and radio commentator
  • Ted Lowe – General Manager, Leicester Square Hall, Deviser of ‘Pot Black’, TV and radio commentator
  • John Spencer – former World Professional Snooker Champion, Summariser on TV
  • Rex Williams – former world Professional Billiards Champion, Responsible for reviving World Professional Snooker Championship, Summariser on TV
  • Paddy Feeny – compiler and presenter of this programme, former question master on ‘Top Of The Form’ and the presenter of the BBC World Service’s Saturday afternoon sports programme for over 30 years

This recording was made in 1992

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