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Master Cue – Well Worth a Try!

If you are seeking a new cue, and want something a little different from the cues that we often see in the snooker clubs on a day to day basis, perhaps you might like to make contact with the company Master Cue in Thailand. 

I have bought a Master Cue myself and have been pleased with how smooth it is and with the equipment that came with the cue. The cue came with a short mini-butt extension and a longer extension to replace the need to use the half butt. 

The cues come in a variety of styles and look quite striking with the different types of exotic woods combined with traditional Ash and Ebony. 

It is not often that I like the balance and feel of a three quarter butt jointed cue, but the Master Cue that I own is pleasantly well balanced and not overly butt heavy. 

If you would like to contact Master Cue directly check out their newly installed link on our ever-growing Links page. 

I am hoping to get hold of a single-piece Master Cue in the not too distant future, and will let you all know how I get on with it, as soon as I can. I am hoping that this cue will be even better than the three-quarter, but time will tell. 

David Smith

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