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Picture and signature cues, can they make a comeback?

I am often disappointed with the badges that are used on modern cues, little round discs are obviously more than adequate to let the buyer know who made the cue and what model it is, however something a little more creative would be appreciated from time to time.

I have several picture badge cues from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these cues range from a Peall to a Horace Lindrum. I wonder whether the public would buy a cue today with a picture of Peter Ebdon on the badge? 

Perhaps someone could make a 147 range with all the players who have made tournament maximum breaks on television, pictures of Steve Davis, Cliff Thorburn, Kirk Stevens, Stephen Hendry, James Wattana, Jimmy White, John Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan would be greeted with enthusiasm by customers who have an interest in the “modern” history of the game.

The newest picture badged cue that I have is a Ray Reardon Classic cue. The cue is a machine-spliced version, but was probably quite an expensive item 25 years ago.

I would also like to see a Mike Russell World Billiards Champion cue, and a picture badged cue to honour his achievements, but feel that it is unlikely that enough customers would buy such a cue to make it a worthwhile commercial proposition.

A final thought on picture badged cues, I have a cue that has the images of both Walter Lindrum and Clark Mc’Conachy on the badge. Wouldn’t you like to see a cue with the faces of Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor on the badge with an inscription that reads, “To commemorate the epic 1985 World Championship final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis”?

Another strand to this positive marketing opportunity, is the so-called signature cue, in years gone by, the customer could walk into a Peradon supplied outlet and buy a cue that had on it’s badge a representation of the autograph of their favourite player.

I would like to see this tradition revived with a range of champion cues being made with perhaps the ten most recent World Snooker champions names on their badges. Each of them could have their achievement immortalised on the badge of a range of limited edition cues.

I can see it now, The Crucible champions range. First John Spencer, then Ray Reardon, you know the rest, right up to and including Peter Ebdon. I know that I would buy at least one, but would you?

David Smith

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