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If you have a question about Billiards and Snooker, this site will attempt to answer it. We would prefer that you do not ask us to go into the technicalities of the rules or to begin to discuss theoretical situations like if player A pots all fifteen red balls and then has a bacon sandwich what would the referee do? 

I am particularly willing to research facts about earlier players from the golden age of Billiards in the 1920s and 1930s for example.

Of course I don’t expect to have all the answers at my fingertips so if I am struggling to supply a response I will put the question on the site and see whether you can deliver the goods yourselves?

My particular interest is old cues but I can’t provide a valuation without seeing the cue as so many factors can detract from the value to a collector. Such as the length, whether it has been weighted, whether the badge is still readable or intact, whether the laquer is still on the butt etc. So giving a valuation is very subjective indeed. I will say this however if the cue has been jointed after it was made it loses about 70% of its value to a collector but may still be saleable to a potential player.

I remember once buying a Reece cue through the post and being delighted with the price and the description of the cue only to find that when the cue was delivered it was a two piece with a new top shaft and a Bob Akers joint. So if you are starting this type of collection be careful to ask all the right questions before you send any money and I suggest agree with the seller that if you are not completely happy with the item that you can send it back and get your money back.

I myself am considering expanding my Tom Newman related collection by seeking out the cigarette cards with his name on and the variety of shots that he promoted so if any of you have a set and wish to part with them, let me know.

I will print the questions and the answers on the site as they come in, if any of you disagree with my answers please feel free to comment, I will print these responses as well.

David Smith
Cues n Views