Remembering Tom



Tom Newman

Remembering Tom

I watched his skill at manoeuvring the balls.
In the far-away days, of the Billiard Halls. 

Cannons, pots and in-offs were masterfully and regularly made.
The hall itself echoed with this rhythmically clicking serenade. 

I stood back and watched him perform with glee.
His arm thrust out and a bend of the knee. 

His action was steady and straight and so sure.
The timing that accompanied it was clean and pure. 

Suddenly he noticed my attention was focussed on him.
“Come on over lad lets see if your game’s in good trim?”

I picked up my cue and asked what to do?
He urged me to try a pot with soft screw. 

I learned so much from this chap in such a short while.
I often look back and remember with a broad smile. 

Not many people play Billiards in the clubs today
Snooker and Pool are the Games that they play.

I still try the three ball game now and then.
So much of it still remains beyond my ken. 

I will soon reach my eightieth later this year.
My enthusiasm remains, of that never fear. 

Who was this chap with the silken cue delivery you ask?
It took many years but I finally managed to unmask.

He was a famous world-renowned champion Cue-man.
With the first name Tom and the surname Newman. 

David Smith
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